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North Anoka Plumbing is focused on providing exceptional customer service. Here are answers to frequently asked plumbing questions for quick plumbing assistance, as well as some common questions about North Anoka Plumbing.

No, we also do drain cleaning, water and sewer repairs, septic installations, and video inspections.

Yes, making sure the home you are about to purchase has a functioning sewer line with no offsets and breaks can save you thousands on future repair costs. Most sewers are fine and may only require minimal maintenance; however, if there is a problem it is best to detect prior to the sale or you can be looking at a very expensive repair down the road.

Yes, we have small and large cameras that are able to scope almost any size drain line.

It depends on the use and number of people living in the home, but on average every 2-5 years.

Yes, it can help, but we recommend not using chemicals in the drain. Those products are manufactured to eat away at what exists in the pipes, which means eventually they will start to eat away at the integrity of the pipe.

Most often this is caused by the pressure of the plunging blowing out the wax seal between the toilet and the floor. The toilet would need to be pulled and reset.

Unless the water is leaking from a bad relief valve/tube, this is typically an indication that the bottom is rusted out and the heater will need to be replaced.

In our experience, no, they do not break down like normal toilet paper and can get hung up in the pipes and cause a blockage or backup.

Yes. You can request a free estimate here.

Yes, we offer multiple options or techniques for sewer and water repairs specific to each individual case. With these sorts of repairs, it is best to call and discuss the circumstances surrounding your individual drain problems.